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Car care: Go Green

Go green is the passion for the environment friendly car driving that helps in shaping up the environment for pollution free city. Go green concept follows the rules of saving fuel and environment. It’s easy ... read more

Spark Plugs

Spark plug is the device that provides electricity to the ignition chamber of the engine that helps the car to start up. Spark plug is one of the smallest units of the car but is plays vital role in car composition and ... read more

Car Care Tool Kit


Car care never meant you buy a number of auto ... read more

Common Issues of Car Breakdown
Car Breakdown services, tyre punctured, towing services
... read more
Variety in Car Accessories
Love cars and its accessories? Car is not complete without its accessories to make it look beautiful , But when the accessories you own protects you in different ways then why not buying them. We offer these accessories to our clients at industry leading prices. To reach the , ... read more
Reasons for CAR smell

Vehicle/car  breakdown is the physical or mechanical downfall in such a way that the current problem  prevents the car from being operated at all ,It doesn’t  allow the proper functioning of  and finding the right ... read more

Car problem? Call MeriCAR.COM

Planning to for a weekend gateways. Travelling is fun always whether a  small trip or long drive in the night, it is always exciting  to be a part of any plans and  getting  out of the routine office  schedule, GREAT!!. Delhi is blessed and full with numbers of places, where ... read more

Using of fog lamps in fog
Fog lamps should be used for the primary purpose they are there for – in fog. They do not necessarily help you see any better than you can otherwise, but they will help other drivers see you better in fog.
... read more
Let's get started making your car as safe as possible this winter!
Winter car care and safe driving tips are essential as the cool fall weather signals. If you winterize your car now for the coming harsh weather you enhance your vehicle's life, saving you from expensive repair bills. And rest assured: winter car care is easy to do!
Learn how to ready your vehicle, as well as discover how to handle ... read more
Importance of Motor Oils & Lubricants

Without various oils and lubricants, no vehicle will go very far. The engine needs motor oil to lubricate and cool the bearings, pistons, rings, cylinders and other moving parts. 

The motor oil you use should meet the viscosity and service ratings recommended in your vehicle owner's manual. Most engines today are factory-filled with ... read more

How Are Your Cars been transported to you?

New cars cannot be driven to their particular New cars cannot be driven to their particular

dealerships because consumers would consider them used vehicles. Dealers order specific vehicles from each production plant, and the correct vehicles must be properly routed through multiple channels for a timely and ... read more
Learn how to Car Diagnosis Made Simple

With a little research on your vehicle, you can avoid future repair problems. Whether you are mechanically savvy or not, you can detect many common vehicle problems simply by using your senses of smell and sight.

... read more
Car services centers Are There Any Options?

The number of car owners is on the rise and possessing a car, or even two, is something that is becoming very common. Many people are not aware that they need to get their cars serviced regularly, or even the places they can take their car to, in order to get it serviced. 

There are a few choices when it comes to car servicing. You ... read more
Car service type

Car service centres normally offer two types of car service. One is an interim service and the other is a full service. It's recommended to get an interim service every six months or if your car has covered 6,000 miles, whichever comes first. If you use your car a lot, you may need to take it in for a service more often. A full service is ... read more

Do- It Yourself Auto Repair Manual

Whether you own a new or old car, proper car care advice and information is needed to make sure that your car is always functioning at its best. Most car owners purchase a do-it-yourself auto repair manual to help them with minor problems. But did you know that you can get them for free?

You've heard it right. There are actually free DIY ... read more
Important of Regular car servicing

With the price of fuel ever on the up and insurance costs increasing, it might be tempting to miss a few services. Saving money by not taking your car in for an annual service is a false economy though as you may end up paying more for faults that could have been picked up on in a service before they became serious. 

So not having your ... read more
Most Fuel Efficient Cars in India

Average car buyers in India have traditionally considered fuel efficiency as a major factor when it comes to buying a car. Increasing fuel costs will further strengthen the cause of this factor.

The automotive industry has responded to this demand and most companies in the country are now focusing on increasing fuel efficiency. Measures ... read more
Cooling System Maintenance How it affects car

Just like human beings, the car needs to dissipate heat in order to avoid overheating and exhaustion. During combustion, the engine produces large amount of heat - about 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This is too much for the engine to bear so a cooling system is needed to keep it at a normal temperature. Cars usually overheat due to a damaged part ... read more

Road To a Clean Engine Car Parts

Here are some frequently asked questions about your car engine you could use to ease your fears.

 The car engine is the heart of the car, so you need to take good care of it. But most of us are too scared to touch the engine out of fear that we may affect its working in some way. ... read more
Learn How to Create an Art Car

Tired of the sea of silver and tan that seems to make up traffic? Do you want to stand out or make a statement? Try turning your vehicle into an art car.

... read more
Maintain your car well - car care Tips

“Maintain your car well,” we are told often. Aren’t you maintaining your car well by adhering to service intervals, giving it regular washes and keeping it dust-free? There’s quite a bit more you can do to keep your car as good as new. We’ve put down a few Tips for you:

... read more
how to Car Dent Repair Made Easy

If side-swiping a telephone pole left a large dent in the side panel of your car or accidentally backing up into your friend's truck made a large indention in your trunk, you're probably wondering what you're going to do to fix it and if you could possible do your own car dent repair fix. If you don't have the money to spend for a car body shop ... read more

Communication Vital to Quality Auto Repairs

Good Communication Vital to Quality Auto Repairs...yes, older folks are very detailed when it comes to talking about car maintenance and repair.Good Communication Vital to Quality Auto Repairs...yes, older folks are very detailed when it comes to talking about car maintenance and repair.

The experts at the nonprofit National ... read more
Learn when Car Tyres Need Replacing

>>Ever wonder when to replace your worn car tyres? The performance of your car tires is critical to the safety, performance and efficiency of your vehicle; the N.H.T.S.A. estimates that about 400 fatalities annually may have been attributed to tire failures. Most tires are designed to provide similar performance throughout their lives. ... read more

Troubleshooting Engine Problems

After all, most of your car is engine. Or at least the part that you need. Your car's engine is made up of many systems that all have to work together in order to make your car run the way it should. The best way to troubleshoot your engine is to observe the problem and the symptoms, then trace those symptoms to the most likely repairs. We can ... read more

Windshield Maintenance for Spring and Summer Driving

With money a little tighter, many families who might have jumped onto a plane for a jaunt in the Caribbean are opting for a road trip to Grandma's instead. Driving trips can be fun, what a great chance to get to know your family more intimately than you might have wanted. Whether you're looking forward to 7 hours in the car with them or not, you ... read more

Top Ten Indian Cars with the Best Taglines

In this article, we will present to you 15 tag lines that have taken the Indian car industry by storm. These taglines not only boosted the sales but also gave them an instant and popular identity. Read on to experience the exceptional creative brilliance behind some of the very popular taglines. Sometimes boastful and sometimes practical, but ... read more

Learn How to Handle Dead Battery Problem


Use a charger.

• Connect the red cable to the positive terminal, black to negative. If you have a "green eye" charge indicator on the battery, charge until it turns green. If not, disconnect the charger for half an hour and check the voltage (engine stopped) - 12.6 Volts indicates a full charge, 12.3 ... read more

Build Good Relationship with Your Car Mechanic

If you own a car, chances are you have had (or will have) to take it to a repair shop at some point. Unfortunately, tales of crooked mechanics are as prevalent as crooked politician stories, resulting in most car owners being wary or downright defensive before they even walk in a repair shop’s door. Referrals for auto repair shops, when ... read more

Costs and benefits of Automobile (Car) Usage

The costs of automobile usage, which may include the cost of: acquiring the vehicle, repairs, maintenance, fuel, depreciation, injury, driving time, parking fees, tire replacement, taxes, and insurance are weighed against the cost of the alternatives, and the value of the benefits – perceived and real – of vehicle usage. The benefits ... read more

Learn how to drive safe: driver distractions to avoid

Safe driving and riding needs concentration.

Avoid distractions when driving or riding such as:

* loud music (this may mask other sounds)

* trying to read maps

* inserting a cassette or CD or tuning a radio

* arguing with your passengers or other road users

* eating and drinking

* ... read more

Keep Your Old Car Good Look

Brenda Rivera, 30, of Tulsa, Okla. does a lot of driving. She already has 80,000 miles on her seven year old Ford Taurus.

“My husband and I travel to Oklahoma City at least twice a month to see family and it’s over 100 miles each way,” says Rivera. “Between those trips and just every day driving, the miles add ... read more

The Truth About Flat Rate Repairs & Some Tips

You may have heard the term batted about -- "flat rate." But what does flat rate mean exactly? Many will tell you that it's a way for shops to rip off their customers. These people are usually not well informed. The flat rate system of repair estimating and billing isn't dishonest at all, but it does present some interesting problems at the ... read more

Make Sure Your Car is as Safe as Possible

“Get an oil change, have your belts and engine checked, and if your windshield has ever been replaced, make sure the job was done right.”

Before you jump into your car for that long-planned road trip, there are a few things you need to take care of to make sure your trip will be a safe one. According to the National ... read more

Car Performance Tips

The purpose of tuning is to ramp up car performance and style. Numerous ways exist to help you make the most of your ride. However, if you have never tuned for performance before, it can be a confusing topic. Unlike tuning strictly for style, performance customization requires that you adhere to modifications that offer real performance ... read more

Learn How To Prevent Car Theft

Investing in Vehicle Protection

Ignition Kill Switch.Splice an inexpensive toggle switch into your ignition wire. The trick is hiding the switch well. Keypads, pressure pads and more expensive "immobilizers" and "passkeys" can also be used.

Fuel Kill Switch.The ... read more

How To change a car tyre

To change a tyre is something most people are not keen on. Here we try to make it easy and as interesting for you. So that the next time you are involved in this fix, you will be out of it in a jiffy. Before you begin, make sure that

• The jack in your car is there

• There is a properly inflated spare ... read more

Repair a Frozen Power Window

Power windows don’t really need any regular maintenance, but I know of a situation where a little “care” can possibly save you the expense of a large repair bill.

If you live in a northern climate where snow and ice are common during the winter months, you’ve probably experienced the Frozen Power Window condition. ... read more

Internal combustion engine

The internal combustion engine is an engine in which the combustion of a fuel (normally a fossil fuel) occurs with an oxidizer (usually air) in a combustion chamber. In an internal combustion engine, the expansion of the high-temperature and -pressure gases produced by combustion applies direct force to some component of the engine, such as ... read more

Battery, Starter & Charging System Diagnosis

After 4 or 5 years (regardless of mileage) most batteries are getting weak and need to be replaced. If you are lucky, your battery might go 5 or 6 years, but average battery life is still only about four years. In hot climates like Arizona and New Mexico, three years is about all the heat most batteries can take. Absorbant Glass Mat (AGM) ... read more

Engine Oil Leakage problem

Engine oil leaks should not be ignored. Oil leaks can leave greasy ugly stains on your driveway. But the real danger is potential engine damage or failure if your engine runs low on oil. Oil leaking at the back of the engine may also cause the clutch to slip if your vehicle has a manual stick shift ... read more

Car Audio Systems

As the automobile has evolved, in-car entertainment has become increasingly important. Your OEM car audio system is likely subpar, unless you paid big bucks for a vehicle equipped with a Bose or other designer sound system. Upgrading your car audio system is much simpler today. In fact, you can do it yourself with the right help and a few simple ... read more

Car Auctions



Using car auctions can be a fantastic tool for almost anyone. Whether you are looking for a new personal vehicle or want to purchase several and sell them for a profit, car auctions can be the best way to fill ... read more

How to Save Money on Gas

How to save money on gas by learning how your driving technique, proper car maintenance and planning ahead can help save gasoline and money. Economic recession and public uprisings throughout the oil-rich Arab world combine to create a double-edged sword for consumers. On the one hand, consumers struggle with the ability to generate wealth in ... read more

Top 10 Everyday Tasks That Can Ruin a Car

A new car finds its way into your car porch. Initially, you are very careful about its maintenance and upkeep. However, as days pass and you see the first scratch on your dream car, the interest in the car's maintenance is lost. This shouldn't be the case. However, even if you are taking good care of your car, there are a few things that you may ... read more

Adjusting Car Mirrors

  Many people have a misconception that modern car door mirrors do not adjust themselves. But you need to adjust all the three of your rear view mirrors so that ... read more

Summer Tips

With the onset of summer your vehicle would require to have the following checks carried out.

  • Have the vehicle undercarriage serviced and washed thoroughly. ... read more
How to Properly Repair Paint Chips

The repair of a scratch and a chip are the same. A scratch is merely a chip on uni-directional steroids. The only problem with a scratch is that it takes more time to be able to blend in the new paint. The repair of a scratch and a chip are the same. A scratch is merely a chip on uni-directional steroids. The only problem with a scratch is that ... read more

Interesting Car Facts

Top fuel dragsters accelerate at up to 5g from standing start. The nitromethane injection produces 6000 BHP.

The fastest time for removing a car engine, and replacing it is 42 seconds for a Ford Escort, on 21 November 1985.

An airbag moves up to 4500 mph within a second when triggered. A force of 200g is generated. They are ... read more

The Engine is The Heart of Your Car- Intake Stroke and Compression Stroke

The engine is the heart of your car, but instead of pumping blood, the engine pumps air and fuel. The engines main function is to convert air and fuel into rotary motion so it can drive the wheels of the car. How does it do that??.... Well let's start with individual parts of the engine then we will get into the actual ... read more

Modifying Your Car Engine

Modifying Your Car Engine Boosts Power and Performance

In order to milk every last ounce of power and performance from your ride, you'll need to invest in numerous modifications. While modifications like body kits, performance wheels, aftermarket brakes and wing spoilers all add performance, only modifying your car engine will help you ... read more


The engine is the heart of your car, but instead of pumping blood, the engine pumps air and fuel. The engines main function is to convert air and fuel into rotary motion so it can drive the wheels of the car. How does it do that??.... Well let's start with individual parts of the engine then we will get into ... read more


The engine is the heart of your car, but instead of pumping blood, the engine pumps air and fuel. The engines main function is to convert air and fuel into rotary motion so it can drive the wheels of the car. How does it do that ??.... well let's start with individual parts of the ... read more

Daily Car care tips for Women- Battery cable and connectors & brakes

Auto care for battery cables and connectors:

Basic auto care requires that you open the hood once in a while and look at your battery. If your battery connectors become corroded and covered with greenish, fuzzy material, you could end up going nowhere fast because corrosion inhibits current flow. You can clean the ... read more

Daily Car care tips- Common Sense Auto Care Tips for Women

If your father never told you, a shade tree mechanic might. There are a lot of simple, common sense things women should know about car care and driving that can save them problems on the road, or prevent some from ever happening. Of course, major breakdowns to occur. But here are a few auto care tips for women that can help them avoid some car ... read more

The clock is ticking- bodyshops and service workshops

'Time is money' in bodyshops and service workshops. Essentially, these operations buy and sell the time of panel beaters, painters and technicians. A service workshop, for example, might buy one hour from a technician for £10 and sell it to a customer for £40, and make a profit of £30. (These figures are, of course, ... read more

Car Valuation Tips Estimate Used Car Values

Learning how to properly estimate used car values is crucial for consumers who wish to sell their vehicles or trade them in as a down payment toward a new car purchase. Vehicle owners can conduct a car valuation assessment themselves and use online car valuation tools and guides to determine the true value of their pre-owned vehicles. This ... read more

How Dangerous is Engine Coolant?

Is Antifreeze poisonous? Is it Flammable? You Betcha

Are you wondering whether the coolant fluid is flammable? Although this substance is referred to as a coolant fluid, it is indeed very flammable. This should not be surprising in spite of the fact that the coolant fluid is a water-based product in addition to its ... read more

Car Shopping - Consider a Nearly New Vehicle

Whether they’re buying plane tickets or antiques or DVDs, the Internet has made it possible for lots of Americans to become savvy bargain shoppers. But have you ever bought a used car online? Believe it or not, the online used car marketplace has exploded in recent years. Now you can research vehicles, locate exactly the car you want for ... read more

How To Choose The Right Car

Driving, across the country or merely a state line or two, is the quintessential sport. Our cars transport us to destinations like family reunions, vacations and honeymoons. You won’t find it on the front page of the sports section, but driving, windows down, music blaring and sunshine hot on your face has become a tradition that’s ... read more

The Automotive Fuel System

The fuel system feed your engine the gasoline/diesel it needs to run. If anyone of the parts in the system break down your engine will not run. Let's look at the major parts of the fuel system:

Fuel tank:Basically a holding tank for your fuel. When you fill up at a gas station the gas travels down the filler tube ... read more

A lifetime love affair

A business contact sent this to me the other day, very interesting story. At 36 years of age, I have had over 30 cars and 5 motorcycles, I wish I had one ounce the commitment Allen had. Mr. Allen Swift ( Springfield , MA.) received this 1928 Rolls-Royce Picadilly P1 Roadster from his father, brand new – as a graduation ... read more

Professional auto glass Dallas repairs

There are a lot of people out there with damaged windshields, whether we are talking about a small chip or a big crack, both of which have happened for various reasons. For these concerned drivers, the most important thing is that they find a team of experts that specializes in auto glass repair. If you happen to suffer from the same issues, ... read more

Using Snow Chains on your Tires: A Warning

If you are driving your car during the winter season, then you will really appreciate the help of tire snow chains. You will be driving under slippery road conditions that can put your life at risk. However, the tire snow chains will only benefit you if you know how to fix them properly.

It is highly advisable that you use tire chains ... read more

How to Replace Car Windows

You will not have many problems replacing your car windows on your own.However, if you decide to take it to a professional, then you must be prepared for the huge expense.

One of the wrong notions that people have is that you need to replace all cracked windows. The fact is that you can actually repair some cracks by ... read more

Best Auto Insurance Advice

Always shop around for the lowest car insurance rates

This is quite self explanatory and many people do it.

Do get a copy of your driving record

Have a copy of your drivers license record before shopping for car insurance. Many of us have errors in our driving report that drive up our ... read more

How To Save Gas

Gas prices are on the rise. Here are some tips to help you conserve gas and save money as we approach summer gas prices.

1. Keep your car tuned up. Cars in poor running condition use more gasoline.

2. Plan trips well to avoid unnecessary driving.

3. When you run your air conditioner you get much worse gas mileage. Use ... read more

Go Classic with your cars

When you love cars so much, driving everyday in a 1.2-litre front-wheel driven hatchback becomes such a task. There is a limit to being content and happy with just what you have and you don't have to go on a guilt trip for wanting more, and then some. That's the reason we bring you some collectible, practical classics that you can use to commute ... read more

Auto repair safety

Yes auto repair safety is not the most exciting subject in the world. But working on automobiles can be dangerous. Diy car repairs can also be fun and very rewarding.

To keep the fun and re-wards you need to prevent accidents by working safely. The automobile is very dangerous when moving, but it can be just as dangerous when sitting ... read more

Factory repair information

The most reliable source of information about a specific Vehicle originates from the company that builds it. Car makers create a complete set of repair diagrams and auto service manuals for the automobiles it produces.

Since many ... read more

Car Repair Manuals

It is becoming more common for car repair manuals to be published by independent companies rather than the car makers themselves.

This makes the communication between the manufacturer and the publisher extremely important. Some companies are better at this communication process than others.

And this is why the quality of the ... read more

Check the Tires of your car before going to a trip.

Are you planning to go for a trip. Then you need to check the tires of your car for an uninterrupted holiday fun. Your tires air pressure should always be checked before a road trip. Make this simple auto maintenance function a part of your monthly car check up.

According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association, about 11 percent of ... read more

Car Service Manuals

Why service manuals are as important as wrenches. Tools are to the mechanic as blood is to the human body. One of the most important tools is a repair manual. Hear me out before you turn the page.

Too often I see people avoid purchasing an auto repair manual for their specific vehicle. ... read more

Auto Repair Advice: Learn To Speak Auto Tech

Auto Repair Advice: Learn To Speak "Auto Tech" will show you how to speak to your automotive technician so he will understand exactly what is wrong with your car.

(NAPSI)-You may be better able to stay on the road to safety and savings the next time you need to have your car ... read more

Know How to Get the Best Deal for Your New Car

In the global car market, the number of used cars sold is reasonably higher, but new cars still act as prudence of pride for many car freaks. Over time, manageable financing options and cut-throat competition in the automotive market have made buying new cars pretty easy. You cannot take the things for granted; otherwise you may possibly lose ... read more

Basic things to remember about your car

Sometimes we leave our car alone and don’t take care of it on regular basis. Here are some basic Car care tips that will help you for your car without having taken the trouble to the garage.

- Fuel: High-octane fuel does not necessarily guarantee the strength of the machine. So it is appropriate to use the fuel ... read more

Tips to get the best car wash

Every Car owner wants to keep his/her car brand new always. Its not easy to keep your car clean and shine every time. It is very time consuming sometime if the car owner starts doing himself. You don't have to spend much time to keep your car's brand new look, all you have to do is follow these few simple steps:

1. Wash your car ... read more

Things to remember when your car breakdown while traveling

Don't get scared if your car suddenly stops in between a dark scary road! Many car troubles you can fix yourself in a pinch if you have little knowledge and the right tools and equipment in your car.

If your car starts acting funny or suddenly stops while you’re driving, the first thing to remember is to be safe while pulling it ... read more

10 simple car care tips in winter

Here are 10 simple tips that you can take care while going outside in winters by your car. ... read more

How to Use Parking Lot Etiquettes

Often we are in our hurry to get into the store to pick up a few things before heading home, we disregard courtesy and respect for other drivers looking for that perfect parking space. It is regrettable that in our hurried up lifestyles, common etiquette is seldom observed, but if you would like to ponder parking lot etiquette, here are some ... read more

New Car Care Tips

• Purchasing a new Car is overwhelming and a major investment. The possibility of maintaining that new-car-scent and gleaming paint color is definitely worth the effort. To preserve the appearance and operation of a new vehicle, it is important to take extra special care of the car. Not only will it continue to look and run like new, it can ... read more


Winter season can take their toll on your car, especially if you live up north or in the Midwest. But a few simple preventative measures will keep your car looking good and protect it from the ice and slush. Your car will thank you and you'll thank yourself when you get ready to sell it.

Here are a few tips for protecting your car from ... read more

Car Care Tips for you

Car is very special asset for everyone. So care your car in a better way so that you don’t need to spend a lot of bucks on it. Following are tips for car care that will ensure that you do not run into trouble while on the road.

1) Make sure you maintain all information about your car. You can note down servicing dates or sent ... read more

Car Care Tips

What is the colour of smoke coming out of your car?

This can be related to problems in your car’s exhaust pipe. In such a situation see the colour of the smoke. It can help you in knowing what exactly is wrong with your car.

Blue and White Smoke: Burning Engine Oil

Balck Smoke: Problem with your ... read more

My Car Won\'t Start On Rainy Day

Yesterday my car swim through water on Gurgaon road, and i reached home without facing problem on the road (Not all lucky one). It is too embracing when your car gets stopped in the middle of flooded road and you need to get out of your car.You would look like you prepare to swim on the road wearing office dress (just joking). Today morning when ... read more

Driving car in the heavy rain - How deep can your car go into water

Driving in heavy rain is difficult and you need to follow few simple precautions. Slow down on the road, keep distance with other vehicles, as you may have low visibility. Either way, driving cautiously and leaving a good distance between you and the vehicle in front is the safest thing to do. If there’s lots of surface water around, you ... read more

Things you must know about your Mechanics

1) Know your Repair needs ... read more

Do-It-Yourself - Car Maintainence - Car Servicing

Checklist to do DIY Car servicing. ... read more

Keep Your Car Looking Good as new
You would love to keep your car look as new. There are companies which are providing specialized car detailing services.

Car detailing services are thorough cleaning, polishing, and waxing of you automobile to preserve the car and maintaining its appearance.

3M Car Care offers a comprehensive and superior range of car care ... read more
Foggy Weather? Drive Safely in Winter

With the onset of winter, one should be extra cautious while driving your car during these crucial fog months. More specially if you are young and have just few months of car driving experience, there is a word of caution to the affluent parents to take extra precaution in not allowing their kids to go for a joy ride in such foggy weather. ... read more

Does your car consume more fuel? Check your driving habits.

Mostly car owners ignore if their driving habits can improve the performance of vehicle in term of mileage. Manufacturer claims for highly fuel efficient cars, but you never get it. You need to check your driving style.

... read more
How can your car last long?

“Many year down the line, fuel efficient, great mileage, no complaints at all”. ………Have you ever felt the same for your car? People are lapping for new offers in the car market, but are not actually bothered to transform their old car into the same. Most of the car owners don’t even know if their car needs ... read more

Bad roads make it worst

“Skyscraper buildings everywhere but roads are just the same”. In the last decade, the issues of bad vehicles and bad driving have received serious press attention in India, but another safety factor seems to have received short confession. Statistics prove bad roads can kill, and the numbers are altering. N-number of people has died ... read more

How to get better fuel efficiency?

One of the most prominent questions asked by any car owner is how to improve fuel efficiency? Answer is very clear in the unconscious mind of people but they often tend to avoid it. Consumer guides recommendation for getting better fuel efficiency may seem like a silly approach, but they really can make a difference. Combination of the following ... read more

Check Your Drive

Overtaking is in..........! Rash drivers admire the term speed and they often overtake to prove their own definition of speed, i.e. high speed. The legal speed of a passenger car is about 55 kmph. One should learn to drive within the speed limit but no one is actually bothered about the legal terms. Sudden stopping or slowing down can endanger ... read more


The engine oil level of the car should be checked within every 3-4 months or around every 3000 miles. Many leading car manufacturing companies recommend oil changes around 6000-6500 miles. However, in most places in Europe oil change is done somewhere between 11,000 to 15,000 miles.

You can also check the engine oil level in after every ... read more

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