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Consumer Complaints

Do you think your car mechanic cheated you?

Did your car service station charge extra?

Autotech Hyundai, Gurgaon

Customer Complain(11/6/2013)
I am not satisfied with the Dealer. They took 2 days to find the problem & sort out the issue. (Sachin Vashishtha)

MeriCAR Mediation Comments: Dealer solve customer problem in time.

MeriCAR Team intervention:Dealer worked upon his complaints and made him satisfied.

Customer Feedback

Excellent work done. I’d suggest to MeriCAR.com is to tie up with more authorised stations.

National Motors, Dwarka, New Delhi

Customer Complain(27/5/2013)
I am not satisfied with the service of National Motors , Dwarks. A/c is still giving noise. Please solve the problem and send the engineer at my home. (Hemant)

MeriCAR Mediation Comments: Dealer agreed on solving customer problem upon.

MeriCAR Team intervention:Dealer worked upon his complaints and made him satisfied second time. Below is his new feedback after helping him.

Customer Feedback (Mon 6/3/2013)

I am very Stastified service for National Motors Dawarka Points 5/5.

ACE Motors, Gurgaon
Total Cost: Rs. 8000

My feedback about the car service at ACE Motors. The main problem is that they kept adding to the service cost by changing spare parts higher than market rates for e.g. they mentioned the need to change the front suspension costing Rs 7000/- when I checked with the Chevrolet company Ė they mentioned it to be Rs 2800. Subsequently independent mechanics confirmed that the front suspension was good and did not require any.

Bajrang Automobiles, Dwarka, New Delhi
I am not satisfied with the dealer's service & face lot of issues there. My Billing amount is Rs.34000
(Anup Dass)

Kashyap Auto Service, Noida
Total Cost: Rs. 6500

Service provided by dealer was very bad and they made fraud charges.
(Ashok Gautam)

Sector 18 Autombiles, Gurgaon

Job Work Done: Denting & Painting

Total Cost: Rs. 9700 (accidental + paint)

Dealer Comments: Customer asked for only accidental jobs and paint was not included in the first quote. Full paint is included in the second quote. Accidental work also included change of headlight.

MeriCAR Mediation Comments: Mis-communication, verbal commitments. Customer agreed that he is satisfied for the second time. Dealer did mistake on keeping customer informed about the cost for the second time and he must satisfy customer first time without any hassle for the second time visit. Dealer agreed to learn from this feedback to keep customer informed.

Customer Full Comments below: (MeriCAR Thank Mr. Kunal Chauhan for complete feedback below):

I want to thank mericar.com for mediating and trying to help in the issue I faced with Sector 18 Workshop, below is my feedback about the workshop and the experience I had to go through.

Feedback: Only two words can describe Sector 18 workshop in Gurgaon, 'Cheat' and 'Unprofessional'. Entire episode of harassment started after I gave the car for repair due to accidental damage happened to my white Civic, Mr Rahul from Sector 18 workshop Gurgaon called me instantly after my query at mericar.com, I informed him that my car was hit at rear and need new bumper and tail light with some dent at rear quarter panel and I asked for quote, Mr Rahul insisted to see the damage by his eyes, I showed him car at a common place, he informed me that this is not a major damage and can be repaired easily including bumper repairing, I asked him to do the job by insurance because I have already lost my NCB, he insisted to go without claim and offered me to do the job at a very good discounted rate Rs 4500/- I asked him that I need full panel paint and I hate touch-up paint job, he assured me that job will be at par with any quality workshop in city. I asked him to go with insurance then he said quote will be different with insurance as I will have to raise bill and to do all formality and generally quote with insurance cover is higher (I suspected the person right at this moment and his professional image started to fade but since I was in a hurry, so ignored this sign) during this conversation I showed him front bumper which also had some damage, then he offered entire job in Rs 4500 and convinced me to go without insurance. I informed him that I need full panel paints after removing from body and no masking or taping, I mentioned that I suffered in the past also with my i20 after giving it to one roadside painter (he painted one patch instead of painting entire panel which turned different over time), Mr Rahul agreed with full panels and assured me again with job quality and he promised to give the car next day at evening.

I followed-up with him and car delivery was made two days later due to weather conditions, I was stumped to see the horrific work done on the car, rear bumper was fixed but painted on the damaged area only (no full panel paint), quarter panel was having granules of paint and even a child can see two different colors, front bumper was done touch-up job, rear passenger window glass had paint marks, rear and front fender inside all painted with white spray. This just shocked me and I Rahul about this hs attitude was since its a white color then we don't paint full panels on white color (He never informed me this at the time of taking car, even I specifically asked for full panel paint for which he agreed), and its raining so I skipped rubbing of area that why paint has granules feel, and your car is already yellowish so not matching the color, I was so angry and frustrated that instantly without arguing further I gave him the entire amount and asked him to handover the key and just leave, at the same time I started planning to give the car to Honda or other known paint shop in Delhi.

Next day I got a feedback call from mericar.com, I informed the lady that the work done was not good and Sector 18 workshop has spoiled the look of my car and its looking like local taxi. The lady assured me for feedback value and asked me to give it in writing by email, I emailed the feedback with a doubt that mericar.com will not publish this feedback on the website.

After submitting the review I instantly received an acknowledgement email (enclosed) and assurance to resolve the issue.

On 19th feb after no response from workshop I emailed again to mericar.com, On 20th I got a call form mericar.com and the lady took me in conference call with the workshop owner Rahul, Rahul and I put our sides and than the lady convinced Rahul to rectify the problem, Rahul agreed to do the entire panel paint again and with quality finish, we agreed on this and car pickup was scheduled for next day, Rahul came next day in the evening and took the car I again reconfirmed everything regarding the job and he agreed on read bumper, quarter panel and front bumper full paint.

Today I received the car and to my surprise the car finish improved and now looking like a near professional work (still he painted the entire suspension parts and put more white paint inside fender and car also has some color difference but I can live with it since its looking way better than before). He handed over me the keys and asked me to check the bill lying inside the car, He billed me total Rs 9700/- for the job done, I was just surprised and went mad about this, we never discussed extra amount and he was shamelessly showing me a new bill with so much courage, I could not take more now and just decided to close this chapter of cheating, frustration and mental agony by paying him in full and continue with my life. I drove to the nearest ATM and this moment I feel I should atleast inform mericar.com about this blackmailing behavior of Mr Rahul, I called the same lady and she asked me to give just two minutes to call back. I took the money from atm and reached near the car, in the meantime Rahul got a call from some senior of mericar.com and handed me over the phone after sometime, the person at phone asked me to just pay for extra work dome since it was not the part of original work and Rahul spent money on extra paint and labour, I informed him that I was never told that rectification of earlier problem will involve new amount and during our conference call with mericar.com representative he never asked for any money (this much I know that without informing, you cannot just charge somebody for something you are doing as a correction and that too not without pre-approval), If I had to spend money again on paint job why in the world I would go with same cheat, after a very long discussion with mericar.com representative I had no choice to either behave like a cheap here and not pay anything or pay in full and should only regret my decision of calling mericar.com, even during mediating mericar.com representative offered a discount over the new amount but I refused to take that because my point was that this is not the matter of money, it is a metter of principal and ethics, so I paid him in full (balance 5000) and learned a very good lesson of my life that never trust verbal communication and never believe any online service for unorganized workmanship.

I was cheated twice by Mr Rahul of Sector 18 workshop, mericar.com is a good initiative but failed for me as their mechanism to implement quality control and customer satisfaction lacking.

I hope after reading this I saved someone from being cheated by Sector 18 Automobiles, Gurgaon.

Kunal Chauhan

Seven Hills Automobiles, Gurgaon
I found a "DENT" on the left hand side on rear door. Car was not washed properly.

Total Car Solution, Gurgaon
The worst ever service. I had engine oil leak in my Getz. Their incompetent mechanics took a whole day to repair it. I had my doubts when their "ustaad ji" was struggling to fix the placement of the battery! Another shock came when their mechanic was trying to hammer the axel and later realized it was the other way round! Now after 2 days and 6800Rs I had my gear box choked completely, the oil leak remains and the car is having ignition problems. Please beware.

Total Car Solution, Gurgaon
I did not get the complete services. I need a complete compensation on the amount that I have paid.
I asked them to tighten the screw which they said its done but was not done even.
Greasing was not done I have to tell them, also the gear box greasing is not done.
Inefficient and complete mismanagement.
No problem with Mr. Devender the owner, he is very nice chap with good dealing. Its just that he was tied up with lot of work so managing was done by him only. He personally dirtied his hands to check the car but End of the day services was not at all satisfactory as compared to Maruti and Carnation from where I have shifted.
(Anchal Dhiman)

Tirupati Balaji Automobiles, Gurgaon
Don't go to this workshop, this person Yadav is a big cheat. He uses duplicate spare parts.
(Suvadip Mukherjee)

Wheel Force Center, New Delhi
I had the worst Experience of my life at the service station. People over their don't know anything, charge extra money, make false promises, lies, full of cheats. My car is still giving me problem and I have paid them approx. 50, 000 for the job. none should go their

Continental, New Delhi
Dealer service is not good, washing set up is not available

City Motors, Noida
Cost of material used is very high, there was no discount. One major point was cleaning, really i am very very unsatisfied with car cleaning.It was an ordinary cleaning. The top of the car is still very dirty. Overall body of car you can find spots of clothes mixed with water that was i think used for cleaning the car. It was not look like the professional cleaning. Car from inside is also not so clean, heavy dust is still there below the seats and corners. I am not fully satisfied with dearler.
(Mohd Sadique)

German Motors, Noida
Not fully satisfied Service is not good &.still issue presist and now they told me to come back after one week. The billing amount is 20000 Rs.
(Tarun Sikka)

Shivam Automobiles , New Delhi
I am not at all satisfied with the dealer. Dealer was overpriced. He has attitude towards customer (like I am busy and I donít have the time to answer your queries). I am not willing to visit him again. He even charged for spare parts higher than the market price. He gave a dent to my car and didnít accepted it, later on when he accepted it he didnít repaired it. He didnít even return the old parts (I dint asked him to do it). He was not able to diagnose the problem properly(Air filter was not properly fitter and shock was that he has replaced the air filter ). Serviced were totally not acceptable from a dealer referred by mericar. I am disappointed with dealer referred by mericar. He swapped by card at petrol pump for 18700 and now I had to pay surcharge on it due to him dumbness.
(Pulkit Agarawal)

Saraswati Automobiles , Faridabad
I had extremely bad experience after getting my car serviced by Saraswati Automobiles. I don't what they had done, since after service my car was troubling me a lot. Just on next day my car engine about to get ceased & my car radiator got damaged due to silly mistake of their mechanic, that he damaged the radiator cap and my car radiator start leaking. Thereafter I had spent around Rs. 5000 for replacing the radiator and fixing the engine problems due to over heating.

They had done some repairing to car brakes without informing me and charged me around 300 for it. Afterwards the car brakes was not working effectively as it was earlier. I take this car only for long drives, when I have to go out of town with my family. I had major car accident on Mathura highway damaging the whole car, because of brakes problem.

I had informed the workshop people about these before my accident, but rather than taking the responsibilities they started saying those faults were there earlier, they had just serviced the car.

Also I had noticed that the car mileage was drastically reduced to half after service and it was started giving me missing problem. But I know that the workshop people will not take the responsibility, so I have never contacted them.
(Vikram Bhutani)

Wheel Force Center, New Delhi
I had a very bad experience. They charged unnecessary for the work, they have done. My car is giving problem after servicing.
(Jaswant Singh)

Hans Hyundai , New Delhi
Dealer rates was very high. Not happy with the dealer. Very bad performance & no customer satisfaction.
(Saurabh dhand)

Bajrang Automobiles , New Delhi
Cost Estimation given by dealer was not fair. Actual servicing cost was Rs. 1500 but they demand for Rs. 3200.They are very Greedy persons.

Wheel Force Center, New Delhi
I am not satisfied with dealer services(Wheel Force Center). It took three days for Servicing and work is not completed. Service was very poor.

Him Motors, New Delhi
I am not at all satisfied with dealer services- very poor washing quality, attitude of service engineer was not good, improper cleaning/moping was done. Truly it was very bad experience after spending Rs. 5000/- on routine servicing and I decided not to visit them again.
(Sanjeev Agarwal)

ABS Motors, Gurgaon

I am not satisfied with the dealer's service & face lot of issues there.
(Sandeep Mallick)

Rahul Motors Noida

The service was done by Rahul Motors Noida for my A star... I am not at all satisfied with the service as my car sounds worse after service... I have to literally stand on the escalator while AC is on which was not at the case before the service also the steering seems to be shaking at high speed. I have a PATHETIC experience and will never like to avail this service ever again...(Suvrata)

Fast Track, Noida

FastTrack provides the Pathetic service, recently I had a accident and took the car at FastTrack for repair on 19th Nov 2010, I was promised in Writing that Car will be ready by 26th Nov 2010. Infact I got the car repaired after I followed and visited them almost every day and finally got the car ready on 8th Dec 2010. Pathetic is only one word to sum up their service. My advice is that they may be good if you take the car for normal oil change, servicing, etc but not advisable to go to them if you want more then normal servicing. (Rakesh Kapoor)

Corporate auto Maintenance, Gurgaon

I am not satisfied with the service of my car at Corporate auto. (Jayant Jha)

Carnation, Gurgaon

I am not satisfied with the dealer's service.They charged me high. (Ranjan Roy)

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